Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet, Sweet, Mail from DHS

DHS- Department of Homeland Security- we have received 2 important notices from them in a little over 2 weeks- the first was to notify us that our paperwork had indeed been received by their office and is in process. The second, even more anticipated, is the fingerprint appointment notice-wouldn't you know it- I have a big cut across the pad of my right index finger-bring on the neosporin and band aids!
We are anxious to get this step completed so that we can get our approval notice(possibly early June)sent to our agency which will then go DTC- dossier to China! Time frames seem to be about 2-4 weeks for LID-Log in Date,after that however, the wait is averaging 60-90 days for LOA-letter of acceptance and then another 60-90 days for TA. We are hoping/praying for Fall, but alas it may be Winter unless things start speeding up, which of course is not up to us.
In the meantime, we have been seeking out cultural events, language courses, and reading memoirs of adoptive families and are greatly enjoying learning about our daughter's heritage so that we may one day share it with her as well as incorporate it into our family.
We offer continuous praise to God for his loving and guiding hand on this journey and count the blessings of you- our family and friends who stand beside us.

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