Friday, October 15, 2010

Almost there!

Our Article 5 was picked up October 12! We have 2-6 weeks until we find out our TA. I KNOW what a range huh? On the bright side...we are that much closer even though it feels like treading water right now and doing anything I can not to COMPLETELY go out of my mind-LOL!
We have had some very encouraging news on the Taiwan front as well recently so a LOT will be happening this holiday season for the Busbys :-)

With Love, prayer, and gratitude,
~Dori and Bob

Monday, October 4, 2010

Not much of an update but....

It has been 3 weeks since we received our NVC confirmation (a letter stating our approval has been sent to the Consulate) and we mailed Bennett's DS-230 (Visa application). We were suppossed to receive our Article 5 (document the consulate isues stating that all immigration approvals are up to date and we are indeed approved to adopt our child) 2 weeks afterward, but the Chinese consulate (in Chicago) as well as the Consulates in Beijing are closed for holidays until October 7th which is delaying things a bit. We expect to have our TA about 3 weeks after that (the 29th). THEN....departure will be 2-3 weeks after TA. COME ON NOVEMBER!!!!
Meanwhile, we had another successful Yard Sale Fundraiser despite getting rained on this past Saturday; and my awesomely sweet co-workers threw me a "toddler" shower where we received soooo many adorable things-Oh where to put it all??? LOL! AND, Visa applications for Bob and I and his parents are with the courier in Chicago and will soon be processed and on the way back to us!
As always, we are so grateful for the encouragement of friends and family, but we could use a few extra prayers for patience as this last 3 weeks has been particularly stressful "waiting" since everything is now truly out of our hands-it has been difficult to give up control and be told "WAIT" some more. I do not enjoy the minor delays at this stage in the game, but I realize that the whole deal is "In HIS Hands" so godspeed and bless me with patience.