Saturday, April 24, 2010

FedEx rides again!

It was another small step, but a step forward nonetheless- we applied to UCIS (immigration petition to adopt an international orphan and to be fingerprinted)this week! The mailer contained our 12 page application, our 17 pg. Home study, 2 Social worker licences, a GWCA HS approval letter, 4 copies of vital records, a cover page, and a cashier's check. I was very compulsive in checking and re-checking the contents and signature pages as the slightest misstep could cause a delay. Now- time to start slathering the hands with lotion and babying them-HA HA! Sorry- no hard labor for about a month-what will become of my yard/plants? We wouldn't want our fingerprints to "not take" as has happened to some on my China mommies user groups.
Even more exciting news...I found a sweet surprise in my e-mail Friday morning- my contact sent me our daughter's measurement updates! This is a fantastic and rare treat! I am thrilled as a sweetie pie co-worker of mine has given me a bunch of adorable toddler girl clothes/shoes and now I know they will fit her! I am eager to send her a little summer care package and see her in the super cute sundress and short outfits!
This past two weeks, has been difficult for me in that knowing the paperwork part on our end is complete and things are truly out of our hands and we must wait for the powers that be to go through their processes. We pray this all goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. I am struggling, yet trying to remember to give it over to God as I know he is watching over our little Bennett and has her in his capable hands. He has led us to her and he will see us through.
Glory to god and blessings to all who share in our journey.


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  1. How amazing that you got another update!!! What a blessing! I will NEVER forget the feeling of sending off the FEDEX paperwork. 4 years later whenever I'm near that parking lot, I tear up! So exciting!!!!