Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Paperchase is lessening!

We have completed all but one document for Mailer 1 to our agency and are 2 1/2 weeks ahead of our deadline! Whoo Hoo! Additionally, we held another successful fundraiser with our 2nd wine tasting event and it was a great time with friends and family! We have much praise for Jackie, Steven and Lisa of the Artisan Caffe' who hosted our event. Of course, we couldn't have pulled off any of this without our dear friends Tom & Liz Crowder-THANK YOU! For those of you who joined us and partook of the "taste" we are humbled by your love and support.
We also had a small celebration in honor of our daughter's 2nd birthday March 29. Bennett Shiyi Busby- Wo ai ni-WE LOVE YOU!!!!
A much anticipated Spring Break provided opportunity for us to begin painting and designing Bennett's bedroom-this has been so much fun! Preparing her special spaces in her home has helped make the WAIT more bearable. Many have asked if we know our TA yet and alas, we are not yet to that late stage of the process. However, we do loosely expect to travel in the fall and feel fairly confident that we will finalize in 2010!
NOW- we send our 1st mailer which will include our completed Homestudy, once it is reviewed and accepted by our Intnl. agency-we will apply to UCIS and then wait for confirmation and invitation to be fingerprinted (again). We will most certainly update everyone again once we have that in the works in the next couple of weeks!

God has been working in wonderful ways in our lives and we want to give him our full and sincere gratitude! GOD IS GOOD!

Dori & Bob

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We have PA!!!!

After 3 excruciatingly long weeks…We have PA!!!! What does this mean exactly? The PA (Pre-Approval) is the CCAA's (China Center for Adoption Affairs) initial approval and agreement to complete the review of our dossier for our daughter Shiyi. The next step will be our Letter Seeking Confirmation or LSC. Currently we have seen this processed in 30-100 days depending on status of the dossier in process at the CCAA. If you have not submitted your dossier (which we have not yet, as it is still being compiled) the time for LSC will be estimated from the date of registration or LID-Log in Date (we are shooting for April/May). Once our LSC arrives, we should expect TA -to travel in 3-4 months afterward under the I-800A. All that said, there are still quite a bit of unknowns as we can only go as fast as each of the government entities process our documents. We are loosely thinking it will be September/October when we actually go get our daughter in China and we will definitely be there for two weeks. I have spared you the gory details of this paper chase unless you are just truly intrigued, in which case you may wish to visit with us and ask…Where are you in this process?