Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We received an update today!!!

New Pictures of my baby girl brought happy tears to my eyes! Look at that SMILE!!! We also had a few questions answered: She is speaking 7 word sentences; can walk, run, jump, go upstairs and downstairs, and her personality is extroverted, active, lively and talkative. We also have updated measurements: Height-34.6 inches & Weight-26.5 lbs. I just Love Love Love her to pieces! I can not wait to get my hands (and kisses) on those cheeks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

We have TA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally!.... I am elated to report that we received Travel Approval today!!! I am on cloud nine! Bob and I want all of our wonderful, loving family and friends to know that we have felt your prayers-we are so thankful for each of you-your support has meant so much!
Additionally, we are extraordinarily grateful for this opportunity, our love for one another, and most of all, our amazingly good God!

We don't have our exact departure date yet, but we could leave for China as early as November 18th. We will, no doubt, be in China for Thanksgiving as our stay will last 2 weeks with our itinerary including Bejing, Xining (Bebe's province), Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

We can hardly wait-I've already packed Bennett's suitcase including an adorable new coat, hat, mittens and boots. I don't think I'll sleep much in the next 17 days-Ha HA!

Blessings and gratitude,
Dori & Bob