The Adoption Process and Fees

So that you will better understand the entire adoption process and why we are under so much pressure to raise funds, below is an abbreviated (very abbreviated) timeline of the steps and the fees due at each step. Fees vary depending on when you apply, changes in fees and other factors beyond the agency or our control.

First 3-6 Months: Application and Dossier Phase
FBI fingerprints and background checks $ 105
Submit paperwork for Home study application and pay fee $1250
Submit application $250 and sign and return agency agreement
1st Contract Fee: $3500
Dossier service processing fee $1200

Fees paid so far: $6,305

Get PA from CCAA
I-600A/I-800A filing and fingerprint: $830
Complete the home study
Compile all the paperwork for the Dossier
Adoption paper chase: $800-$1200
2nd Contract Fee: $3500
Dossier Registration: $670
Send the Dossier to agency
Dossier sent to China

Fees due: About $6,200

Referral Phase
3rd Contract Fee: $700
DS-230 Filing and service Fee: $560
Dossier registered and translated into Chinese
Return signed acceptance letter

Travel and Adoption Phase

China Visa Service: $78
Visa to China: $260
Receive travel approval
Make travel arrangements
International Airfare: $2,200-$3,600
Travel to China to pick up our child
Donation to Orphanage: $5,100
Legal and Process Fees: $1,600-$2,000
Other Expenses (intra China travel with guides/translators): $4,000-$5,200

Fees due for the last 2 phases: About $17,298

Grand Total of About $29,803

You can see how quickly the funds need to be raised for all the various costs involved. At times it can seem daunting, but we remember that God has always provided for our needs in the past and trust that He will provide for our needs in this adoption.

"Thank you to those of you who have helped us so far, whether through a financial contribution or through prayer. We can't express adequately with words how much it means to us."
With Love,
Bob & Dori