Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Forward Motion

Well, we are about to enter the second to last phase of our journey- the referral phase! This leg may contain the longest amount of "waiting" yet and all we can do is pass the time and pray for speedy processing. Our dossier (paperwork) is in China and has most likely been LID (logged in) but our agency will not receive official notice of this batch of LID's until mid July. Time from LID to LSC can range from 30-90 days. Each day I pray it will be the former. As soon as we receive our LSC (letter seeking confirmation) we are able to send another care package- this time containing photos and a translated letter to our daughter and her foster family. I have put together a cute photo book on Shutterfly which I will share when allowed to.
Meanwhile, Bob and I have a few more documents to prepare so that when given the word, they can be swiftly mailed off and accepted. We have been very busy with preparing the house, yard, and pool for our daughter. We also had a VERY successful yard sale recently which will aid our next payment in this process. THANK YOU to everyone who generously donated items for this sale.
While we are both half way through summer school, Bob continues to pursue a job for the fall and we appreciate all the leads, words of encouragement, and prayers in this area. Thus far, God has amazed us in his ability to provide for this adoption and we have so many stories of ways we have witnessed his love through others including strangers that we could/should write a book- ha ha! We are confident that all will work out as intended and are trying to enjoy the ride as it unfolds before us.
We are both learning so much about the process of adoption including many joys and pitfalls and I have included a link that may be of interest to some who desire to understand a bit more themselves. Please check out the page titled Newsletter to access the link.

Blessings and Gratitude,

Bob and Dori

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